Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trailblazers win over Hornets 81-69

So I'll start by saying sorry I didn't write about this last night, and I don't have as much to write about this game but I'll put in my 2 cents. First off we won, Awesome. With a soft first quarter Mills said that he felt like they weren't playing to their full potential so he stepped up his game hoping the rest would follow, and they did. Finishing the night with 18 points shooting 6 of 9. Armon Johnson seemed to be a little off shooting 6 of 12 for 15 points. Mills and Johnson are both playing guard trying to get their spot on the team for next season, the only problem is they play really well together with their different styles complimenting each other it's hard to say which is the better choice.Dante Cunningham had a pretty decent night with 14 points. And my boy Jeff Pendergraph with 11.

Schedule says there was a scrimmage tonight against the Wizards but I couldn't find anything about it. Let you know when I do.

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